QuarkXPress 4.11 - Replacing Bold writing

HI all.
I would really appreciate some help regarding the topic. In a document I import some text from an online source, in this thes some of the text is marked up using some tags like the above. This is written in Bold style.

How can I make this text into actual Bold styled text.

There might be more than one kjhkj in a story.

Regards Mark

Try this:

tell application "Demo QuarkXPress™ "
	tell document 1
		tell every story
			set starttext to offset of every text where (it is "<b>")
			set firstnumber to {}
			repeat with c from 1 to count of starttext by 2
				set end of firstnumber to (item c of starttext)
			end repeat
			set secondnumber to {}
			repeat with b from 2 to count of starttext by 2
				set end of secondnumber to (item b of starttext)
			end repeat
			set thecount to count of firstnumber
			repeat with i from 1 to thecount
				set startitem to (item i of firstnumber) + 1
				set enditem to (item i of secondnumber) + 1
				set style of characters startitem thru enditem to bold
			end repeat
		end tell
		delete (every text of every story where it is "<b>")
	end tell
end tell

First of, thanks alot for the script example. Though I didn’t test it yet, it looks promising.

On the “Import text with xpress tags”, this is unfortunately not an option because that these docs is created dynamicly by a script with data collected in an XML file from a webserver.

Anyhows, thanks a billion gazillion.

All the best,