QuickTime controller

Hi, I have a script (thanks to SwissAlps) where the movie moves directly to the second screen (in my case a beamer) but also the control panel.
I like to keep the controller on my main screen (laptop) to keep an overview on the time and chapters of the movies.
Any ideas?

Here my script so far:

tell application "QuickTime Player"
	-- make sure some defaults are set
	set {play sound in background, open movie in new player, only front movie plays sound} to {true, true, false}
	-- open the files
	repeat with thisFile in fileList
		open thisFile
	end repeat
	-- configure and present the main movie
	tell document "xy.mov"
		set {controller type, presentation mode} to {standard, normal}
		set current time to 0
		present scale screen display 2
	end tell
end tell