QuickTime Detailed Info Window

Quote from the AS dictionary:

So my question is, why does this script fail (I have a movie open in QT already):

tell application "QuickTime Player" to set show detailed movie info window of movie 1 to true

I’ve tried getting QT to activate first, quitting and restarting, and different movies. Each time it compiles fine, but comes up with a “NSUnknownKeyScriptError”.
Simply telling QT to “get show detailed movie info window of movie 1” returns false, so I know the property exists.
Any thoughts?

What you posted works for me fine. Are you running 10.4 or 10.3.9?

I’m running 10.4.8, with QT version 7.1.3.
THe only cause I can think of is the fact that I don’t have QuickTime Pro. But I don’t think that should really matter, since EVERY other command (including those that QT says you need to have Pro to use) works if you use it through a script. I guess it’s possible that this is the only Pro command that doesn’t work.