quicktime frame cut

Hi all,

maybe a stupid question, but i cant find a solution yet

i like to cut in an apple script with frames, like i do in miliseconds,

set time_scale to time scale
	set i to time_scale * 792.2994
	set o to time_scale * 812.5988
	select at i to o

is there a command to set i and o in frames instead of the time?

thx jim


I think you have to convert time to frames your self, which shouldn’t be to much of a job, unless you are doing this in some app that support frames in its dictionary.

I think you would know that you could use something like this to get at the next frame:

The framrate denotes of course the number of frames per second.
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i have the exact frame in and out I calculate this in the i and o in seconds,
but quicktime has a problem with the time in seconds, i noticed sometimes it drops the last frame sometimes not.
but i have to be exact with my trim … so it would be easier for me to use the frames, because i have the exact in and out. seems there is no command for use frames instead of seconds?

Thx Jim

I only have quick time standard edition:

The dictionary states that you move the frame by steps.

But the “Document Specification” in Quick Time Player Suite of the dictionary operates with a byteRate per second,
Maybe you have to go as deep as calculating frames per second by (nr of bytes per frame / bytes per second).

This should be a pretty popular scripting topic. I believe there must be some published results of this somewhere.

Forums, Mailing lists etc. and maybe a guide to scripting it as well.

I’m sorry I cant help you with this. But There should some documentation somewhere.

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Thx a lot for your help!!!

tried to search the forum, but nothing comes up which helps … so i started this post…maybe someone knows how to deal with …lets wait and see

again thx for your help!!



you have to calculate the time by given framerate, duration and time scale.
Search the forum for framerate, you’ll find some sample code


so that is what i was afraid off, there is no way to use a frame count from an FinalCut xml in apple script
the only way is to calculate the frames in time, which i was already doing, am i right here??

but i wasnt happy about it, like i said, the quicktime is sometimes 1 frame shorter…dont know if this is a quicktime bug or not.