Quicktime - Possible to change movie dimensions?

I can get the movie dimensions using

copy the natural dimensions of document 1 to {movie_width, movie_height}

however if I try to apply those dimensions to another movie, I get an error. Here is my code for setting new dimensions:

set the dimensions of sourceMovie to {movie_width, movie_height}

Error is “Can’t set <> of “myMovie.mov” to {320,240}.”

You can do this, but you need to refer to the actual track of the QuickTime document itself.

-- Most QuicktTime documents will have a Audio and Video track.  I believe the 
-- video track should be the second (in most videos), but it would be wise to check in your code

tell application "QuickTime Player"
	set dimensions of track 2 of front document to {movie_width, movie_height}
end tell

That works great. Thanks, James!

Glad to help =)