Quicktime Pro Movie Inspector Infos

Is there a way to get the “inspector” infos in a text file?

The information should include what can be seen in QplayerPro from window->menu-> Show Movie Inspector

I found in the forum a script returning the properties but properties so I think it might be possible.

Also as I hope to catalog the info for several film files I wonder if I can get in a text file the result of this script with the opton to name it as needed



these are not all values but the most important ones

tell application "QuickTime Player"
	tell document 1
		set filePath to path
		set theDimensions to dimensions
		set {timeScale, theDuration} to {time scale, duration}
		tell (1st track whose kind is "Sound")
			set Channels to item (audio channel count) of {"Mono", "Stereo"}
			set AudioDataFormat to data format
			set AudioSampleRate to text 1 thru 6 of (audio sample rate as text) & " kHz"
		end tell
		tell (1st track whose kind is "Video")
			set VideoFormat to data format
			set frameCount to count frames
			set colordepth to video depth
		end tell
		set FrameRate to (frameCount * timeScale) / theDuration div 1
		set DataRate to data rate
	end tell
end tell

Thanks Again Stefan: