Safari , auto-fills and auto-submits.An automation project.

Hi everybody !! I’m so glad about finding a place like this. well , i’m a newbye in APSPT
and i’m building an script to automaticly put annunces on buy-sell sites. Te beginning of the iscript is like this :

display dialog "Do you want to load the sites ? ? " buttons {"That's right man"}
tell application "Safari"
	open location ("")
	open location ("")
end tell

But i’ve donwloaded the Safari’s dictionary for apple script and i can’t find any way to , for example , auto-fill empty spaces in the document (such the annunce in the text field) and others like auto-click-links , to submit the annunce.

Can somebody guide me a little bit on the procces ? ? Thanks a lot ! !

P.D : maybe it should work calling the JavaScript ? ? … .Thanks.

Check out my script “AutoFill” for some tips:


Hi , thanks for the info , it’s a great script ! ! now i’ve got a new question . . . how i do catch a link in the specifyed document and execute it ? You know , imagine that i want to automate a message submit. Thanks ! :smiley: