Scripting Quicktime?


I am trying to work out how to remote control Quicktime Broadcaster under Jaguar.

I thought that setting Script Editor to Record and then messing about with the program would be a good way to get an idea of how to spell certain actions. No, no…

It seams that I get no result in Script Editor from anything i do. Not ever launching the app. I do get results from launching Adobe Acrobat and a few other things. Not creating folders in the Finder though.

Why can I not record these things?
Is there ayone with a bit of experience that knoiws how to tell QTBroadcaster to start and stop streams, pick presets and such things. I really have had no luck from reading the “dictionary” for it.


tell application "QuickTime Broadcaster"
	start stream
end tell

does nothing more that launch the app. Just saying start results in en error.
the dict say:

I have not yet gotten the hng of AS thinking unfortunately

I don’t use Broadcaster but I found this in my archives (not my code). Maybe it will help to get you started. You might also want to check this Apple page. :slight_smile:

tell application "QuickTime Broadcaster"
		tell document 1
		end tell
	end tell
end tell

Regarding script recording, not all scriptable applications are recordable.

Wow, that was fast.

And it worked too. Thanks man.

And thanks for the link aswell. I have been looking for info on scripting QT-streaming but found little info. It is such an obvious candidate for automation and remoting.