Set background image & enable file sharing

Setting Background image:

How do I set a background image via this app, I want to be able to put the photo (for the background) into this app and then make it so that I can put it onto ANY computer even if they dont have this pic, I want to be able to run the app, and have the background set for that application. Thanks

Enable File Sharing:

I want to make something via AppleScript that will allow me to enable “File Sharing” In system preferences, without opening System preferences, and even if I don’t have privileges to open system preferences.

Thanks for all the help and please REPLY SOON!



for setting the background picture you can use (Leopard syntax)

tell application "System Events" to set picture of desktop 1 to alias "HD:path:to:picture.jpg"

Enabling AFP without opening System Preferences or from the command line without admin privileges is not possible

So I cant do it for a computer lab in a “Student” account? Also, I got the desktop thing to work, under automator, I just put in “Get specified Finder Items” and left it blank, and below it I put in “Set Desktop Background”. So when I drag an image over it it will set it as the background and it worked on my computer here, so I have no doubt that it will work other places. :slight_smile: .

Thanks StefanK for all your help with all my posts.