starting a script from powerpoint

I hacked up a very simple applescript:

tell application “Safari”
open file “Users:zach:Work:Lehre:Info_1:demos:mm1-queue:index.html”
end tell

It works when run from Applescript editor.

So, i’ve got a slide with an image, and the “action settings” for that image are set to “run program:”

The problem is: it doesn’t work – Safari does not get launched, there is absolutely no diska activity (but, of course, no error message eithr …)

I also added a ‘display dialog “hello”’ as the first line of the script – nothing.

Any ideas what’s wrong?

Best regards,

I need to try to use a script for this task, because the default browser is firefox, but this paticular page needs to be displayed by safari.

Model: Powerbook
Browser: Firefox 1.0.4
Operating System: Mac OS X (10.4)

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The OP needed to enable macros. :slight_smile: