Transmit -- Create new session?

Has anybody been able to figure out how in Transmit to create a new session window? I have the following:

connect document 1 with connection type FTP as user “admin” with password “xxxxx” with initial path serverPath to “

This works great as long as document 1 there. This makes sense since there must be a document 1 for this script. However, if no window/document/session is visible, one must be created, but none of the items in the dictionary seem to allow me to create a new session/window/document. Anybody have any ideas?


Here’s a sycnhronization script that I’m still working on. It works fine but I need to add some error checking. It should be enough to get you started.

set myUserName to "username"
set myPass to "password"
set myFTPAddress to "[url=][/url]" -- your ftp server
set myTargetFol to "Mac HD:Web Site Files:" as alias -- local folder to synch
set initialPathOnTheirServer to "/" -- remote directory, change this if you need other than root directory

tell application "Transmit"
	set newWindow to make new document at end
	tell newWindow
		connect to myFTPAddress as user myUserName with password myPass with initial path initialPathOnTheirServer
		set your stuff to myTargetFol
		synchronize method mirror direction upload files
		-- disconnect -- disconnects the new window only
	end tell
end tell